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Mint daiquiri- Pack of 4

Mint daiquiri- Pack of 4
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Mint Daiquiri- Pack of 4

Minty and punched with Rum, as refreshing as drinks come!

A light, white rum allows you to go off in a lot of different directions and makes for the perfect balance of flavors: slightly sour, not too sweet, and very refreshing- Daiquiri is your perfect summer cocktail.


What You Need ( Servers 1) :

60 ml White Rum
1 sachet Mint Daiquiri mix
60 ml Water
Ice Cubes

Directions :
  • Pour the content of sachet in 45-60 ml water
  • Stir well and mix your favorite White Rum/Vodka (45 ml to 60 ml) depending upon your taste
  • Sip in the perfect Daiquiri after adding 4-5 ice cubes
Pro Tip:

Crush the drink with ice in a blender producing a smoothie-like texture and you have your own version of Frozen Daiquiri.


Merge With your taste

  • White Rum
  • 5 Min
  • Classic Rock, Country, Jazz

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