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Cinnamon Sangria- Pack of 4

Cinnamon Sangria- Pack of 4
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Cinnamon Sangria- Pack of 4

Apple sweet, cinnamon spice, This sangria is more than nice!

Sangria is a little sweet and fruity wine-based cocktail with a hint of cinnamon and mild warmth that goes well with any meal. You can enjoy this sangria all year-’round; refreshing with ice in the summers and a cozy warming cocktail in fall and winters.


What You Need ( Servers 1) :

120 ml White/Red Wine
1 sachet Cinnamon Sangria Mix
Add fresh apple pieces to enhance the taste

Directions :
  • Pour the Sangria Mix in a wine glass
  • Stir well with your favorite white/red wine (100 ml to 120 ml) depending upon your taste
  • Sip in the perfect Sangria
Pro Tip:

You can also introduce some brandy to this drink and add to its “wildness” quotient

  • Wine
  • 5 Min
  • Classic Rock, Country, Jazz

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