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1. Referral Program

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

Only registered members are eligible to avail the refer and earn benefits. The friend being referred, cannot be an existing Drinktales member, they must be a NEW user, in order for the referrer to earn any referral benefits/ value-adds. The email address or mobile number entered by the referred new member for sign-up, shouldn’t be already registered with Drinktales.

How do I refer my friends?

It’s easy! If you are a registered member you can start referring immediately. If you are a new user, you are required to register on Drinktales. After you have completed your registration, you can begin sharing your referral link. Share your referral link with your friends directly through Social Media, Email or WhatsApp.

Do I need to make a purchase to begin referring my friends?

No, yon start referring your friends as soon as you sign up and are a member of Drinktales community. Just go on your account and use the Referral Section tab to get your referral link and just start sharing to earn your DT points.

What happens Next?

Your friend gets 500 DT pointsadded to their account post Signup, while you get 200 DT points for every referral signup’s done using your shared link. Also, this party doesn’t stop here, they get extra 200 DT points for their first purchase, and you get brownie points for being an amazing friend. You get another 200 DT points for their purchase. Remember, 10DT points is equivalent to 1 Rupee, and it is redeemable for any product except Subscription boxes and Gift boxes.

When will my Referral Code expire?

Your referral code is valid for 5 days from the date of issue

Do you still have questions? Need help?

Contact us at or you can reach us at +91-9999511344 to learn more about our loyalty program and perks.

2. Shipping and Delivery

Can you deliver products to my place?

At the time of adding products to cart just check if your Pincode is serviceable or not. We might not be able to serve you now due to limited delivery option available because of COVID. But we ensure that as soon as everything is over you can also join the party.

Are there any shipping charges?

We don’t have any shipping charges for orders above Rs 200.

Can I track my order?

We will send you a message when we have shipped your order and we will inform you when your order is out for delivery too. We have your back we track your orders on your behalf.

How soon can you deliver my order?

We always try to reach you asap as we know the excitement of receiving orders. We are as excited as you are and we track all your orders to make sure they reach you in a stipulated time. We make sure all our orders reach their customers before 7 days through our trusted delivery partners.

3. Subscription Program

Can I cancel my subscription?

Since we charge you upfront for the subscription, we are sorry that you can’t cancel your subscription. We don’t renew the subscription until its initiated by you, i.e., we don’t do auto renewals without your permission.

Is skipping a shipment possible?

Sorry we don’t have the functionality to skip a shipment available as of now. We are working towards making your subscriptions fun and easy and are working towards making it more convenient and friendly.

Do you charge shipping on Subscriptions?

No, we don’t charge for shipping for all and any type of subscriptions. The cost of subscription is inclusive of shipping cost.

4. Loyalty Program

Please visit our dedicated Loyalty Page for all the details. Contact us at or you can reach us at +91-9999511344 to learn more about our loyalty program and perks.