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Old Fashioned Rum

Want an escape from the chaotic outside world? Or planning for a cocktail party but worried that it might cost you a bomb?  Brace yourselves, as we have a dreamy solution for you! Welcome to the world of flavoursome and classic Old Fashioned cocktails. The earliest versions of this cocktail were first served in the early 19th century, and the first in-vogue old-fashioned was made with whiskey in Chicago in 1882. This was before the advancement of bartending techniques. Today old fashioned cocktails are not limited to whiskey! People all around the world have tried old fashioned cocktails with their much-loved liquor options. Typically made by muddling sugar with bitters, water, and whiskey, old-fashioned is one cocktail every drink lover...

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How to choose the best Tequila for your Margaritas

How to choose the best Tequila for your Margaritas? Well, with the summer heat exhausting all of our energy, we sure need a great energy drink. So, if you are missing clubbing the way we are, then let's mix a few ingredients and make a refreshing chilly Margarita! What? Do you think it takes a professional bartender to make this? Well, we got you covered. Now, you don't need lots of expensive and fancy products to make the #1 cocktail. All you need is a Chilly Margaritas mix from Drinktales, nearly 60 ml water, some ice cubes, the best tequila, and Voila! And with a side of country or jazz music, it is sure a rejuvenating treat!  The trick here...

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Best Cocktails and Bar Trends in 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic is still wreaking havoc worldwide, and most of us are spending our time in 2021 inside our homes. When homes become the focal point of our operational grounds, even simple moments with loved ones are celebrated by creating new rituals and saying toast. Amid all this crisis, it has only accelerated flavored cocktail mixers and bar trends. The limitations have only set loose cocktail lovers’ imaginations, and some are busily figuring out the best cocktail recipes. Drinktales is here to take a quick peek into the current haul of cocktail mixers and notable bar trends in 2021.  It's homemade! Small or big crowds are always unruly in this pandemic. But we had already found a solution for...

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The Benefits of Having a Home Bar

In this bustling world, you need a place to relax and switch off from the outside mess. If you want to spare yourselves from going out every time you crave a nice drink, the good news is you can bring it all home. A home bar is a perfect place to amuse your guests or to chill yourself. Even many modern home designers are now ready to reserve a small space for a bar at home.  Moreover, people have realized that making your drink is not a big deal anymore. It is possible for you to study, practice, and master the art of making cocktails to come up with a signature concoction. All you need is a decent kit that...

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Ice Important For Any Good Cocktail!

When it comes to good cocktails, ice is the cornerstone of all. Apart from some hot cocktails, Champagne cocktails, and blue blazer, ice is the main component that decides whether your concoction is good, bad, or average. If you have better ice, that means you can make a better drink. A good cocktail mix requires all the shaking, stirring, and mixing, but without good quality ice, the cocktail is going to taste like leather, if you know what I’m saying! Just like making a good drink requires skill, making the best cocktails is an art that requires practice and knowledge of ice. Most bartenders of the century make their clear ice, shape it carefully and even store it at the...

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