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Ice Important For Any Good Cocktail!

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When it comes to good cocktails, ice is the cornerstone of all. Apart from some hot cocktails, Champagne cocktails, and blue blazer, ice is the main component that decides whether your concoction is good, bad, or average. If you have better ice, that means you can make a better drink. A good cocktail mix requires all the shaking, stirring, and mixing, but without good quality ice, the cocktail is going to taste like leather, if you know what I’m saying!
Just like making a good drink requires skill, making the best cocktails is an art that requires practice and knowledge of ice. Most bartenders of the century make their clear ice, shape it carefully and even store it at the right temperature to produce that perfect consistency. Melted ice becomes that part of the drink, so it is highly essential to avoid ice cubes stored in the freezer for months.
DrinkTales is here to tell you the chilling importance of ice for making the best cocktails. It requires craft, tricks, and passion for creating a good cocktail that tastes like heaven.

Clinger Mixture

For creating the best cocktail, you need to master the dilution technique. Ice is key when it comes to making the mixture. The flavor of the cocktail is contingent on the shaking and stirring that causes the ice to melt. Depending on the proportion and quality, ice can make or break a drink. For making exquisite drinks, you need a perfect consistency and let’s agree that it requires absolute mastery over the art.

Right temperature

Another secret for making a good cocktail is the temperature. The temperature of the ice and the solution that you mix are drastically different. So, it is important to get it right, or else it can significantly alter the taste. This is why most bartenders are keen on the temperature. For instance, try it for yourself. Take any spirit, taste it, write down the taste you feel, and now freeze it for 12 hours. Take it out and taste it again. The difference between the taste is proportionate to the difference between day and night. We are not kidding! Even the smell is different. So, the experiment concludes that if you do not freeze your ice enough or shake your solution sufficiently, it will taste exactly like this, and it will be awkward, particularly when you are serving it to your guests.

Get a quality ice machine

You are going to use your ice machine for a while. And because ice is an unavoidable element in all the drinks you make, it is advisable to invest in the best to make a good cocktail. We mean perfectly shaped ice cubes without holes at the bottom frozen at the right temperature by a good ice machine. If you are looking forward to making the best cocktails, then it is ideal to buy an ice machine with a filter and well-preserved insinuator that can instantly change the flavor of your beverage. Do not own one, no worries! Find a supplier who can boast about some cool ice supplies and if you want it posh, then go for the clear ice.

Play with ice

Making a good cocktail is no joke. The efficiency you need for this is undebatable. But, if you like to experiment with your drink, feel free to do so. After all, this is how best cocktail drinks are born! If you want to try something new, make sure it goes with the glass you use. Create unique designs, freeze fruits, do whatever you like but don’t compromise on the taste.

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If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of good cocktails. Drinktales carries the cocktail philosophy at its heart and makes the best cocktail mixers that give you an out-of-the-world experience. Enjoy it more this time, of course, with the quintessentially perfect ice!

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