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How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party

When it comes to planning any party, pre-planning is the key. Getting everything ready beforehand goes a long way and leads to a successful and fun event. The perfect cocktail party also requires the same strategy. Read on to find out tips and tricks to hosting THE most perfect cocktail party that everybody will remember. The Pour To get things going and to give a head start to your party planning, coming up with a fun theme is the key. The rest of the party planning just follows once you have decided on a theme. Make the theme a very different and quirky one where the guests can play on with their outfits, the decoration for the party becomes easier...

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Cocktail Mixing Techniques - Top 10 Tips For Mixing Fabulous Cocktails Every Time

Trying to ace your cocktail mixing techniques for special occasions like parties and other celebrations? Well look no further! We have some great tips and tricks up our sleeves to help you master your cocktail mixing abilities. Here is a list of 10 tips to becoming a great Cocktail mixer! The Pour There are two ways of doing the pour, firstly, it is done using a measuring tool but for amateurs like us, free pours is always the better and more convenient option. ‘Free pours’ involve the pouring of the liquid directly into the glass/shaker. This technique is also considered as the faster way of making drinks. However, before indulging in this technique, knowing your liquors is also very important....

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Level up your virtual party game

Right from attending classes to meetings, working and contacting our near and dear ones virtually, sitting in front of screens and staying in touch with the rest of the world despite the outbreak of a pandemic never did seem possible. However, with situations and circumstances also comes the zeal and ways to cope. With so much happening, how could we miss the opportunity to attend or organise an event that celebrates the smaller or the greater things in life? Virtual parties have been a great way of coping with the situation and stress of the ongoing situation. Staying home and planning a gathering would definitely be out of the question. It is difficult to create that in-person energy over a...

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5 Ways To Serve A Great Cocktail

 You think of parties and celebrations, you think of cocktails! Add a ting of flavour to your celebrations with quirky cocktails. Give a twist to your favourite drinks by experimenting different ways to serve your drinks. Serve these in classy and interesting ways. Finding the right way to tweak your drink isn’t always easy. There are hundreds of different ways to serve a great cocktail, also depending upon personal preference. You can try out a new twist on an old favourite, stick to something classy or dare to go on an adventure by trying drinks that have never been served before. To help you make your choice, we have listed down five best ways to serve a great cocktail for...

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Wine Down Playlist: 10 songs you can listen to while sipping your Sangria

Wine Down Playlist: 10 songs you can listen to while sipping your Sangria Well, the ravishing rainy weather is knocking on our doors. The air is getting all mellow and romantic. So, why not warm it up a tad bit more with a glass of amazing Cinnamon Sangria? This wine-infused cocktail could be your perfect partner for these slight chilly and comfy monsoon evenings. With DrinkTales cocktails mix, all you need to do is choose your favorite Wine (white or red), and you are all set! Voila! Okay, now that your glass of Sangria is ready, let’s glam it up a bit and add a side of country, rock, jazz, or maybe some subtle electronic tones to it. We have...

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