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Cocktail Essentials Every Home Mixologist Should Know, According to the Pros

Have you always been keen on learning the tips and tricks to being the best home bartender but never really knew how or where to start? Being a mixologist is truly all about practising and experimenting, knowing what works and what doesn’t. The key to this is using the right equipment, glasses, ingredients and techniques. The best mixologists may have honed their skills through years of shaking, stirring and serving, however you need not go through this as the pros themselves have shared some of their tips and tricks to becoming a great mixologist right at home.   Essential Cocktail Ingredients Ingredients form the foundation to any recipe. Likewise, your ingredients for the cocktails are very important. We have listed...

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Pre-Made Cocktail Mixers That Are as Good as the Real Thing

They say experimenting makes you learn things, discover things and along the way give your imagination wings. Cocktails are a great way to put your creativity to the test and experiment with different ingredients to invent the best drink ever! We may enjoy watching the bartenders work their magic behind the bar, creating the most amazing cocktails for you, however, to save time, sometimes they end up using pre-,ade cocktail mixers. Now for some, this may not be as good as the authentic cocktails, which you rightly have reasons for as some liquor store shelves  get flooded with the sticky-sweret, neon- hued bottles for the impatient party hosts and bars, which the people eventually grew tired of. This paved the...

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7 Best home Bartending Kits for Making Delicious Drinks

A bar essentials kit is your helping partner with which you can display your  bartending skills as a professional mixologist or master the cocktail-making art as a beginner. Having a bar kit at home makes it so easy and relaxing to host any party wherein drinks would always be on the rounds.   Whether you are looking to buy a kit for the first time or seek to upgrade your existing bar cart, the following home bartending kits available in India will be the best go to options. Read on to find out what each of them has and make your final choice suiting your needs.      14 Piece Cocktail Shaker Set [Bar box]  This set is made up of...

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Bar essentials for a perfect homemade cocktail

Mastering the bartending skills at home may sound a little daunting or even an impossible task, but believe it not all mixology lovers took professional courses to master their art. Some of the best in the trade are purely driven by passion to experiment and create new ideas of bar serving. While you need not compare with others, with the help of a few essentials you can touch that level of a pro server in no time. Below are the basic essentials that you need at hand for an amazing in house experience of both you and your guests. These include nothing fancy as they match just other kitchen essentials and are easy to comprehend and use. They are easily...

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How to Host the Perfect Cocktail Party

When it comes to planning any party, pre-planning is the key. Getting everything ready beforehand goes a long way and leads to a successful and fun event. The perfect cocktail party also requires the same strategy. Read on to find out tips and tricks to hosting THE most perfect cocktail party that everybody will remember. The Pour To get things going and to give a head start to your party planning, coming up with a fun theme is the key. The rest of the party planning just follows once you have decided on a theme. Make the theme a very different and quirky one where the guests can play on with their outfits, the decoration for the party becomes easier...

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