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Magical Ball of Flavours Cocktail

  • Servings: 1 glass
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

Story- When you think of cocktails, you think of everything fun or classy or just memories attached to a glass of your favourite savoury. You may or may not have wondered about the beautiful journey in preparing a glass of your favourite drink. Making one, does not require years of experience or all the hi-tech tools, it just requires your creativity, imagination and of course for you to enjoy yourself along the way! .

Any Harry Potter fans here?

Yes? Great!

No? NO worries! Let us take you all on a magical ride with this special class on making a cocktail drink that will give you a feeling no less than learning how to make a magical potion, tasting which will for sure leave you bewitched!

Get your aprons and chef, more so your witches’ hat ready for the recipe!

What you will be needing-

Some good old cinnamon sticks

An orange for a zesty touch

Drinktales Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer (An ingredient that will take things to the next level!)

And of course ½ cup of water to blend your magical ingredients

Here’s what you will need to do-

Take your favourite glass and treat it as your personal cauldron where all the mixing and the magic happens with the different ingredients.

1. Now to begin with the first step, you add in the flakes of the cinnamon sticks and of course usage of extra tools to help you get your flakes is welcome, like a handy grater. Once your cauldron (glass) is seen covered with the saw dust like cinnamon flakes, time for step 2!

2. Open up a packet of the powerful and most important ingredient of Drinktales Old Fashioned cocktail mixer and pour it all in!

3. To allow these two magical elements to mix, take some water and pour it into your cauldron and now for the fun bit, take your cocktail mixer and use it like a wand to swish together the ingredients!

4. Next, the incredible potion you have mustered now has to face the lowest of temperatures in the abode of your freezer so that it now turns into a ball of ice. Not just any frozen ball of ice but one that is packed with delicious ingredients.

Is your mouth already watering?? Wait! Wait! Have a teensy bit of patience, we’re almost done.

5. Take another glass, this one for savouring your magical creation, pour in your favourite liquor and take the frozen ball of ingredients and ‘plomp’ it into the glass.

Now to allow your creative self to shine under the spotlight, garnish the drink with the citrusy fruit, orange. You can use the peel as demonstrated or just go crazy with your ‘crafty’ imagination.

Voila! End of class, beginning of an experience in itself as you sip on this drink.


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