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Icy Nicey Cocktail

  • Servings: 1 glass
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy

Story An old fashioned cocktail anyone?.

Any Harry Potter fans here?

The good old classic ways of making your cocktail can never be forgotten. Whether it’s just the use of ice or simple garnishes, old fashioned is what we love as it may be old but always the golden choice when it comes to cocktail preferences.

Here’s our take on this simple recipe that is oh so easy to make but oh so great to taste!

What you will be needing

Your ever favorite liquor to begin with

Ice ice baby! Yes lots of it and crushed too

You cannot miss out on Drinktales Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer

A blender to blend everything together!



Get the chef, the bartender, the artist or the alchemist in you to begin the procedure.

1. Start off by pouring in the liquor, as per your choice, this forms as the base to it all.


2. Then of course comes the star ingredient to this recipe, Drinktales Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer to stir things up a notch.


3. Scoop up as much crushed ice as you can and add these in the blender container as well. Remember, the more the ice the better the cocktail turns out nice!


4. Now all you have to do is wait for the splendour blender do its thing and transform what were just ingredients on their own into something spectacular like this cocktail that everybody will love.


5. Pour the mixture into serving glasses and garnish with a twisty orange peel to sprinkle a touch of fruity zest into your drink.


Throughout the process remember not to be restricted with these instructions, these are just to guide you along, feel free and artistic enough to experiment with your creation. Most importantly, have fun!

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